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Our Core Features

We are a swiss knife army for all of your social media needs. From content strategy, planning, editing, creation and all to the way to posting, we've got you covered from only $99/mo~.

Cloud Marketing Team

From our client portal to analytics, everything you need will be accessible with a wi-fi connection. We will do strategic content planning, content creation and editing, content caption writing, scheduling and publishing for you.  Communicate with us from your phone wherever you are!

Powerful Analytics

Analytics give you what works and what doesn't and what to focus on going forward. Doing marketing without analytics is like driving a car without the dashboard or a map! What doesn't get measured won't get improve, and we are here to make sure your efforts will have ROI.

Smart Budgeting

Running business lean and efficient with our flexible plans that are designed to be scalable as your business grow. You can upgrade or downgrade with our month-to-month contracts to fit your business needs and growth rate. From $99/mo, we can save you from lots of headaches!

Cohesive Design

We make sure that your social media won't look like it was created with afterthoughts. Our content team will curate and design the contents that match with your branding theme and will make sure that the impression and value of the content will be consistent and top notch!

Time Efficiency

No more shuffling around your excel sheets and google docs!  Our experts who have been doing this for over a decade will guide you and ease you into doing all of the social media work, so you can finally focus your energy and time on the side of the business you love & enjoy doing.

All-in-One Portal

No more subscriptions and apps here and there. Centralize all of your social media needs into one place with us and take away all of the subscription fees and apps that gets used once a year. Not only that, we're the whole team for you doing all the social media essentials every day!

We Make Strategic Contents

We create contents based on your audience journey to nurture your followers into paying customers.


Awareness increasing contents types include:

  • Facts

  • Educational 

  • Inspirational

  • Entertaining


Consideration increasing contents types include:

  • How-to

  • Comparison

  • Educational


Conversion increasing contents types include:

  • Testimonials

  • Demo

  • Offers

  • About Us

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